Keeds Wood, Long Ashton, North Somerset
A beautiful mature woodland in 
Long Ashton, North Somerset

Keeds Wood (full/official name Keeds Wood and The Brake) is a beautiful 18 acre woodland situated in Long Ashton, North Somerset not far from Bristol. The woodland is classified as ancient, semi-natural and partly ancient replanted, originating from 1600 AD or earlier. Mature beech trees dominate it, with ash, cherry, Norway maple and some Corsican pine.

In 2016 the new owners generously, with the support of Avon Wildlife Trust helped establish a small group of committed members of the local community to established a group to both support in the management of the woods. 'Friends of Keeds Wood and The Brake' was established taking an active role in coppicing and helping conserve flora and fauna. For more information about the woods and the ecology see About Us and to keep up to date with news and activities like coppicing and other stories of the local community enjoying and supporting the woodland join the Keeds Wood Facebook Group.

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